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ZTE protests US penalty, says it is seeking solution

Chinese tech giant ZTE Corp. has warned a ban on access to U.S. technology threatens the company's survival and said it is looking for a legal solution

Apr 20, 2018

As doors close in the US, China's Huawei shifts to Europe

As doors close in the US, Chinese telecoms and smartphone giant Huawei shifts focus to Europe

Apr 20, 2018

China to protect 'legitimate rights' after US penalizes ZTE

China's government says it is ready to protect its 'legitimate interests' after U.S. authorities punished a major Chinese telecoms equipment maker over exports to North Korea and Iran

Apr 17, 2018

Facebook fined in South Korea for limiting user access

South Korean telecoms regulator fines Facebook for limiting access to its services

Mar 21, 2018

Earnings surge for Samsung Electronics on huge chip profit

Samsung Electronics has reported another surge in quarterly earnings thanks to its record-breaking chip business

Jan 31, 2018

Factories make unexpected legacy for Ivanka Trump in China

Apple Inc. and Ivanka Trump's brand both rely on Chinese suppliers criticized for workplace abuses but have taken contrasting approaches to the problems, leaving workers with dramatically different experiences

Jan 26, 2018